Custom neon signs

from €105

  1. Choose your personal content
  2. Try out different colours
  3. ..and pick your favourite font!
  4. Done!

Neon Collection

from €300

Personal Voucher

from €50

Finally a voucher that shows you‘ve given christmas some thought: give a voucher for a personal neon sign. The recipient of the voucher can configure a personal sign or a desygns from our collection – and has some time to reflect on the desired message

Our Story

Inspired by neon works of the well-known contemporary artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Dan Flavin or Bruce Naumann, we set out to make neon popular in the design world. Neon is a wonderful medium, with which you‘re able to combine typography, bright colours, local craftsmanship, individual and creative thinking, and of course light!

With sygns we want to keep the traditional, skilled craft of making neon alive. Of course there are modern and more efficient ways of production, but none carries more passion and true craftsmanship like bending glass with your rough hands.

Every neon installation is crafted by hand, individually for every customer. Therefore every sign we manufacture is a one-offpiece, not like any other. Our glassblowers blow every design above ribbon fires, burn corners, and weld connections. There is no gift that contains more handwork, passion, and respect for the arts. A neon sign shows that you‘ve given christmas presents a great matter of reflection.

How we manufacture